Influencer Outreach

Influencer marketing is one of the freshest tools available to businesses who market online. Done right, it can net your business viral exposure and send brands from zero sales to their first million within months. But without direction and experience, influencer marketing doesn’t always yield positive results.

We’ve been supporting our clients with influencer outreach since the phenomenon began, so we know what it takes to make an influencer marketing campaign a resounding success. The incredible impact of celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, sports stars and TV personalities is testament to the rapid results that can be achieved.

Now there are influencers in every market and sector, for each audience. Knowing who to choose and how to capitalise on their reach and platform audience is key.

A considered, conscious approach built on trust

As it is still in its infancy, influencer marketing is not yet regulated – which poses a problem for businesses, especially those new to this marketing medium. Some influencers charge extortionate amounts for very little in return by the way of results – especially if they have purchased followers, likes or use bots to boost engagement on their pages.

Navigating this with success can be a minefield when you’re on your own – but we’ll guide you through the process step by step. Our team liaises with influencers on your behalf, putting together a hand-picked, organically curated list of prospects for you if required. Working within a pre-arranged budget, we’ll let you know if we feel you’re getting a good deal, and who represents best value for money for your business. We act as a mediator for your business, ensuring you won’t get ripped off or lose precious funds to rogue internet personalities.

Influencer marketing for start-ups

Embarking on influencer marketing can be daunting for start-ups. Working closely with you and with your budget in mind, we’ll adopt a tailored approach, ideally with several influencers to boost engagement and brand profile online.

Interested in professional influencer outreach and influencer marketing? Get in touch today to discuss your specific requirements.