Why the current climate is the best time to rebrand

Branding is one of the most important, and most overlooked, aspects of marketing. Most businesses tend to put off the task of rebranding indefinitely until their visuals start looking stale and tired. It’s one of those ‘unpleasant’ tasks that often gets put off till ‘later’ (then later never comes). But a rebrand can help your business refresh its image, attract new clients and improve your connection with existing customers.

During the pandemic we’re seeing a rise in clients looking to rebrand. Although this is a time of uncertainty and upheaval for some businesses, the current climate is the best time to rebrand for many. Here’s why.

Using this time wisely

Although you may not have access to the same resources you usually work with, you should now be able to take some time out to really think about your business, your growth strategy and how your brand comes across to potential customers.

Quiet times are the best times to make changes within your business. This space allows you to properly review your strategy, step back and think about how you can improve your business and drive sales once you’re back up and running at full capacity again.

Sit down and take an overview of your business, where you’re at now and where you want to be. How will you get there? What do you need to change to achieve your objectives? Often a rebrand is one of the most impactful ways to refresh your business and get noticed.

A captive audience

During this time people are much more active online – especially via social channels such as Instagram, Facebook and more recently Tik Tok. That means you have a whole host of people captive ready to receive and engage with your new branding.

Make the most of this through running targeted ads, promoting the launch in the run up to the new branding and even conducting competitions and giveaways which provide new opportunities for exposure and engagement.

Letting it sink in

At this time rebranding will be a lot less disruptive – and more impactful – than any other. You have ample time to allow the new branding to sink in and strategise how you will promote your new brand and get noticed by potential customers.

The marketing strategy surrounding your rebrand is almost as important as the rebrand itself. Take time to really think about how you’ll introduce the new brand to customers (new and old), and continue to roll it out over the coming months. Where possible employ specialist support with this to make sure it’s a resounding success.

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