Your brand is often the very first thing your customers see. If they don’t get a great impression, or connect with it immediately, they’re much less likely to spend money with you. Brands make a business – so this is one area of your success that needs time, attention and investment.

Over the years we’ve worked with companies worldwide to help them bring their business to life with creative, imaginative branding. Our innovative branding team has worked across a variety of sectors, industries and markets – offering diverse, one- of-a-kind design services for clients.

Fresh, exciting branding for your business

It’s easy to go online and copy someone else’s logo – to find something that works, and go with that. But your business is unique, special – it isn’t a cheap imitation of someone else’s company, so why should your logo be any different?

We’ll come up with inspiring creative concepts, colourways and a unique identity to ensure your company stands out and fully reflects your philosophy and the products or services you provide. Most importantly developing a brand that gets noticed by and excites your ideal customers.

Branding for start-ups

As a start-up, your branding is going to be one of the most important elements of your business launch. This is something you’re going to want to spend time considering carefully – getting it right now is imperative, because you can’t change your brand once it’s live.

Our team is highly experienced in working with start-ups – we understand what it takes to get a new brand off the ground and

get it right first time. We’ll ask all the right questions and take time to learn all about your business and ideal customers. You can also rest east knowing that your branding won’t break the bank – as we have a variety of branding packages available to suit a range of start-up budgets.

Rebranding and brand refresh support

Designers and marketers agree that logos have a shelf-life of up to ten years – but they need a refresh periodically to keep your brand looking and feeling current. All brands undergo a logo and branding revamp at some point within their lives. From tiny tweaks to full rebrands – we’ll ensure that your new brand is instantly recognisable by your loyal customers whilst attracting new clientele. Need help launching and introducing your new look to the world? Get in touch today to discuss your specific requirements with our branding experts.