Email Marketing

Remaining front of mind for your customers so that they think of you when they need your product or services is a key aspect of online and offline marketing. Email marketing ensures you’re right there in their inbox, opening up a direct channel for you to share news, offers and info to encourage increased engagement with your brand.

But effective email marketing requires a sensitive, sensible and consistent approach to yield positive results. Our team of content specialists and designers will produce unique and innovative themes and templates to ensure that your emails achieve maximum engagement, exposure and revenue for your business.

Creative, effective email marketing for your business

Email marketing has to stand out to be effective. Over 60% of marketing emails go unopened and unseen – a worst-case scenario for companies who spend huge amounts of time and money constructing them. We concentrate on taking your brand identity, and condensing that into bitesize, easily digestible and highly engaging email content that grabs your customers’ attention. This is a direct channel into your customer’s train of thought, so you want to make the right impression and quickly deliver key information. We value your customers as much as you do – so we won’t waste their time with below-par content.

Keeping your brand message at the forefront of customer’s minds

Strategy is a key aspect of email marketing that is often forgotten in the wake of showy design-led offerings – style without substance. Concentrating on using email marketing as a tool, we’ll set up systems to help you capture as many potential customers as possible so that you can communicate with them on a regular basis.

We use real-world data and analytics to inform our approach, managing each email down to the time and date it is sent, how we ask customers to interact with you, and what language we use to persuade them to make that all-important click-through. Forward planning is key – so we sit down with you to scope out email marketing plans months in advance, preparing for key seasonal dates, sales, holidays and business events or product launches.

Looking for effective, lucrative email marketing solutions for your brand? Speak to us today to learn more about how we can help you to maximise your existing client base.